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Mitsubishi Electric To Launch 80x60 Pixel Thermal Diode Infrared Sensor


Mitsubishi Electric Diode InfraRed (MelDIR) sensor lineup will introduce on July 1 a new thermal sensor featuring a wide field of view (FoV) and high 80x60 pixel resolution for applications including security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), people counting, smart buildings and thermal scanners. The new MelDIR sensor accurately distinguishes between humans and other heat sources and enables the identification of specific human behavior, such as walking, running or raising hands

Product Features
1) Wide field of view and high-pixel resolution
- Wide FoV (78°x53°) and high pixel (80x60) resolution support accurate processing of infrared data.
- Compared to conventional 80x32 pixel MelDIR, detection area is 2-4 times larger and thermal resolution of 100mK, or 0.1ºC, is similar.
- Small pixel size of thermal diode infrared sensor achieves same package size as conventional 80x32 pixel MelDIR.

2) Superior images achieved with faster frame rate and optimized sensitivity correction
- Compared to a conventional 80x32 pixel MelDIR, frame rate is double and sensitivity correction is optimized for surrounding area for superior thermal images.
- Accurate identification of fast-moving heat sources supports crime prevention, people counting, animal detection, etc.

3) User-support tools shorten development time
- Customers can use application samples, evaluation kit, reference codes and application-specific reference designs to support sample evaluations, product planning and product development

Fig.1 Comparison of detection areas of conventional and new MelDIRs